OUR Story...

We are Nick and Judith Grasse and we moved to Northumbeerland in 2013.

Nestled between the Kyloe and Cheviot Hills, is Hetton Law Brewery, our small, hand built 2.5 barrel microbrewery.

We create traditional, artisan beers using the finest malt and the freshest whole cone hops. All our beers are made using the local spring water. The result: no nasty chemicals and great tasting beer!

Put together entirely by Nick using six 2.5 barrel (720 pint) 'Grundy' tanks. These were formerly used as cellar tanks in working mens clubs and we loved their short fat shape -

kinda friendly!

We base our beers on things that reflect Hetton Law and the stunning surrounding countryside. The huge sycamore which features on all our labels stands guard in the field next to the brewery and our beautiful Cheviot Hills form the perfect backdrop for it.

Our IPA label

Hare-Raiser features Hares that can be seen in the fields and lanes all year round

 The constant wind that blows was the inspiration for our 'bitter' label:

Hetton Howler.

We've carried on the 'HH' theme with our golden beers Hetton Hornet and Hetton Harvest and our dark beer, the Hetton Harlot (named after Joyce, the statue in the garden) We've got lots more HH ideas so keep an eye out for our new beers and seasonal specials.

Richard Halling and Ben Hines of 'Iris Digital' have done all the artwork for our labels, logos, beermats etc. Many thanks, you've done a fantastic job!